If you need a reason to have a
painting party, choose one:
  • Adult Birthday Parties
  • Teen Birthday Parties
  • Girls Night
  • Couples Night
  • Bridal Showers / Bachelorette
  • Jack & Jill Parties
  • Baby Showers
  • Christmas Parties
  • Any old reason at all
  • etc.
How to Plan
a Painting Party
  1. Set a Date / Time   (with Judy at Art Circle)
  2. Determine how many people you can accommodate
    to paint (or how many you want to come)
  3. Invite your friends & family
  4. Choose a painting
  5. Make a deposit
  6. Leave the rest to Art Circle

Note:  When determining how many painters
you can accommodate,
here is a good way to measure -
It takes more space to paint than it does to eat.
(about 1-1/2 times)

Generally, we will be using
a 16" x 20" canvas

Party of 4 - 20 participants  ~  $37 each

Party of 21 + participants  ~  $35 each

For very large groups,
it may be appropriate to use

a smaller canvas (11" x 14" or 12" x 16")
to save time and cost.
Let's discuss the options !

All private party locations, food & drink, are to be arranged independently of
Private party rates are for painting instruction and all supplies to complete paintings only
Art Circle will cover all painting surfaces. Other surfaces (floor, carpet) do not generally need to be protected
but it is up to the host to decide if other measures need to be taken.
Art Circle cannot be held responsible for the actions of the guests that are painting.

Fees are based on distances within 20km of Newmarket, Ontario.
Further distances may have a travelling fee

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