Online Painting Parties

Plan Your Online Painting Party

Paint at separate houses or all at one house & I will paint at my home studio with you.
We will connect by “Zoom” and even if you are at separate locations, you can see each others paintings.
Choose a painting from the Art Circle repertoire (See “Paintings” tab above)
Purchase your own paints, canvas and accessories from a provided list or choose your own (it’s all your choice)

What you will need to paint at home


16×20 or 11×14 is typical (or whatever size you prefer)
Canvas can be purchased in the dollar store or at Michaels
(Note:  Michaels has several qualities & prices of canvas)


You will typically need 3 brushes
1.  1-1/2″ wide brush (for backgrounds)
      easily found in the hardware painting section of 
      the dollar store
2.  Medium Brush (flat, slant or filbert)
3.  Small round brush for details

For brushes 2 & 3, choose your quality. 
A better quality brush is easier to paint with


This is not necessary  for an 11×14″ canvas but you may prefer it for a  larger canvas (16×20 or larger), but still not necessary.


Something to mix paint on. 
You can purchase a palette or it can be as simple
as a styrofoam plate or a discarded, washed meat tray.


Choose the quality of paint you want,
but you will need the basics           
Yellow, Red, Blue, Black, & White
You can make Purple, Orange, & Green from these colours or purchase them additionally
There are several shades of these colours. 
You won’t need them all.  So just choose the ones you like the best & you can add to them for additional paintings if you choose to.



Cloths should be pre-washed at least once . . .  for maximum absorbency.  Cloths will be used to dry wet brushes, not to dab paint on
Do Not use a good facecloth . .  it will more than likely get paint on it that will not wash out.
Alternatively, you can use paper towel


Cover your table with a disposable tablecloth or newspaper

NOTE:  If your prefer to shop online, everything can be found at:


    ,   or at

             and have it shipped directly to you

Wear clothes you won't be worried about getting paint on
or wear an apron or painting shirt over your clothes.

Note:  If you do happen to get paint on clothing, wash the spot immediately, while it's still wet.
After it dries, you may be able to pick it off with with your fingernail or a brush

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