Private Art Coaching

Private Art Lesson(s) in your Home.
Take Your Art to the Next Level

Call, Text, or Email Judy to discuss

Private Art Sessions are tailored to your needs and do not have a pre-determined format.
Tell me what you want to achieve and we will work towards that goal
A class of 1 or 12, 1 session or 10.  You choose !

  • Drawing:   proportioning, perspective 
    (perceived or specific), etc.
  • Pen & Ink:  different techniques
  • Watercolour Painting:  techniques, gouache
  • Acrylic Painting: Step-by-Step instruction
    or personal coaching
  • Understanding colour & Colour mixing
  • Extreme Colouring:  take your colouring up a notch
  • Individual Coaching, or a small group
  • Consultations
  • Portfolio Organization

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