Online Painting Parties  &  Online Art Coaching

It’s time to purge some paintings
to make room for more

After several years of making paintings and using them to coach
the greatest people  . . . having a great time, sharing a laugh and maybe learning a thing or two about painting, I have accumulated way too many paintings and I need to make room to paint some more.

Please take the time to have a look at the paintings at all the paintings for sale. 

Most paintings are $20, and a few at less, and a few at more. 
Sold “As Is” , or I can add some hanging wire or tabs to make them
hang ready for a small fee.

Painting Sale on Facebook is over. 
But you can still see the sale on this site     >

Private Art Coaching IS still available at this time.

Message to inquire:   phone or text @ 905-713-7953   * * *  email @

Click here for more information   >   Private Art Instruction


Paint at separate houses or all at one house & I will paint at my home studio with you.
We will connect by “Zoom” and even if you are at separate locations, you can see each other painting.
Choose a painting from the Art Circle repertoire (See “All Paintings” tab above)

Purchase your own paints, canvas and accessories from a provided list or choose your own (it’s all your choice)

COVID 19 and how it affects Art Circle

While I am waiting to get back to Market Brewing, Lion’s & Sun, & The Old Town Hall,
I have been busy creating art for Art Circle and also for my personal artwork site
(  )

What you will need to paint at home


(16×20 or 11×14 or whatever size you prefer)
can be purchased in the dollar store or at Michaels for a better quality canvas (Note:  Michaels has several qualities & prices of canvas)


You will typically need 3 brushes
1.  1-1/2″ wide brush (for backgrounds)
      easily found in the hardware painting section of the dollar store
2.  Medium Brush (flat, slant or filbert)
3.  Small round brush for details

For brushes 2 & 3, choose your quality.  A better quality brush is easier to paint with


This is not necessary  for an 11×14″ canvas but is better for larger canvases



Choose the quality of paint you want, but you typically will
need at least 6 colours + black & white
Blue, Yellow
, Red, Green, Orange, Purple, Black & White
There are several shades of these colours.  You won’t need
them all.  So just choose the ones you like the best & you can
add to them for additional paintings if you choose to.


Something to mix paint on.  You can purchase a palette
or it can be as simple as a styrofoam plate or a discarded meat tray.


Cloths should be washed at least once . . .  for maximum absorbancy
This will be used to dry a wet brush, not to dab paint on.
But don’t use a good facecloth . .  it will get paint in it

Cover your table with a disposable tablecloth or newspaper
Wear clothes you won’t worry about getting paint on or wear an
apron or painting shirt over your clothes

. Paint Night Events .
. Private Painting Parties .
. Corporate Painting Parties .
. Personal Coaching .

Art Circle believes that everyone has artistic ability
which can be brought out in a fun, relaxing atmosphere.

Scheduled painting parties, private painting parties,
corporate painting parties or team building
We seek to create this atmosphere at each and every painting event,
(Paint Nights / Paint Days, or
Extreme Colouring (with coloured pencils or watercolours)).

Public events are regularly scheduled at
“Market Brewing”,
“The Old Town Hall” &
“Lions & Sun Lounge”.

Private Parties can be arranged in a local pub / restaurant  . . . 
or right in the comfort of your home.

Discover the joy of painting again,
and paint like you did when you were 6 years old.
We have lots of ways to get you started

Corporate painting parties or Team Building

If you are one, or know of a Bar / Restaurant that would like to host a painting party, call Art Circle @ 905-713-7953

Extreme Colouring Parties

Plan your own Private Extreme Colouring Party

These are creative art parties where you
just may learn some new techniques for your colouring.
It’s fun way to take your colouring to the next level.

(Choose Coloured Pencils or Watercolours)

Learn More about Private Colouring Parties

“You are a great facilitator and I thoroughly enjoyed being there to see you in action
and see the participant painters having such a great time!

It was outstanding!”


“Thanks so much for assisting our group in exploring our inner painters.
The ladies truly enjoyed themselves while creating their masterpieces.

Your gentle and non-judgemental approach allayed all fears and anxiety that may have been present to start.
These emotions quickly changed to pride and satisfaction as our artwork started to come together.

Thanks again (Kim)

“Judy, you are the best. Although my talent is limited, I have seen such an improvement
and I always have so much fun with you…. and you always help me fix my boo boo’s…lol

Just wanted to say thanks.   I look forward to every paint night with you.”

(Sincerely, Lyn)

Contact  Judy

phone or text:  905-713-7953

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About the Artist  ( Judy Horan )

Judy Horan Designs

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For those of you who have been asking where I get my supplies, I will add my preferences here . . . . if you’re interested

Judy’s Picks for Art Supplies

Private Art Instruction

Call (or text) Judy, to discuss your artistic needs  (905-713-7953)

  • Drawing
  • Pen & Ink
  • Painting  (Watercolour or Acrylic)
  • Consultations
  • Portfolio Organization

Gift Certificates?

Gift Certificates
are not being offered
at this time
due to the change in available venues

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