Art Circle corporate events can lead to increased engagement, teamwork, productivity, and employee happiness.

Corporate Team Building Art in Ontario Canada will challenge your staff
to work together as a team
to create artwork, which can then be displayed
at your workplace as a reminder of the cooperation
required to complete the painting(s)

It is intended as a fun experience; a break from the everyday;
a chance to get to know your fellow employees through a different type of challenge

All painting supplies (canvas, brushes, paint, aprons,  etc.) will be provided by

Teamwork is essential
–  It allows you to blame
someone else.
                                  ~ unknown

Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want,
is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down
                            ~ Oprah Winfrey

Corporate Painting Party

Kind of Like a Paint Night

( 16″ X 20″ Canvas )
All participants paint on separate canvases

4– 20 Participants ~ ~ $35 each

Twenty-One (21) + Participants ~ ~ $32 each

For very large groups, it may be appropriate to use a
smaller canvas (11×14 or 12×16) to save time & cost.

Individual Collaborative Paintings

( 11″ X 14″ Canvas )
All participants paint on separate canvases

6 – 12 Participants ~ ~ $30 each
(minimum of 6 participants)

13 – 20 Participants ~ ~ $28 each

21 + Participants  ~  ~  $25 each

Your group is to be split up into teams
(based on your total numbers);
and determined ahead of time by the organizer.
Within their “teams”, participants will work at creating a set of compatible paintings

Team Collaborative Paintings

Your group is to be split up into teams (based on your total numbers . . . 2-3 painters per canvas);
and determined ahead of time by the organizer / host.
Within their “teams”, participants will paint on the same canvas and each team member
will contribute to the whole creation

( 16″ X 20″ )
Participants create a group painting

6 – 12      Participants


(2 – 6 Canvases)

13 – 20   Participants


(6 – 10 Canvases)

21 +        Participants


(10 + Canvases)

The Fine Print will provide canvas, paint, brushes, aprons & art coaching (for technique) Only
Location, space, refreshments, etc.  are to be provided by the requesting company

Corporate Team Building rates are for painting instruction and all supplies to complete paintings only
Art Circle will cover all painting surfaces. Other surfaces (floor, carpet) do not generally need to be protected
but it is up to the host to decide if other measures need to be taken.
Art Circle cannot be held responsible for the actions of the participating painters.

Fees are based on distances within 20km of Newmarket, Ontario.
Further distances may have a travelling fee

If you want to be incrementally better,
Be Competitive!
If you want to be exponentially better,
Be Cooperative!
                                                                      ~ unknown

Do you want a collection of brilliant minds      
. . . or a brilliant collection of minds?
                                        ~ R. Meredith Belbin